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Chimney Cones without the Lines

Posted: 04/20/18

Chimney Cones without the Lines

Restaurant: Evas Toronto

dre: Have you ever seen these chimney cones on a hot summer's day? I'm always so curious on why people spend $10 on these ice cream cones and the lines are insane.

During the winter, I went to Eva's Original Chimneys. These chimney cones are hand-rolled and baked. There are many flavours and toppings that you can put on your ice cream. They also have 2 sizes - mini (for only select ones) and regular.

I opted for the mini OG (original) cone ($5.25). I can't say that it was anything special, maybe next time I have to get a specialty flavour to truly appreciate it. The cone was flaky and and a bit messy if you eat it too slowly.


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