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Posted: 04/18/18


Restaurant: Marche Toronto

dre: We haven't been to Marche in a long time, so after an event downtown in the afternoon, we headed there for a kid-friendly dinner. There's a play area where the kids can play while the adults enjoy their dinner in peace while craning their heads to make sure the kids are okay.

The kid's meals are a really good deal. The portion is almost as big as an adult portion, and it comes with a drink and dessert. The girls got a chicken tenders meal which I didn't photograph because they were too hungry. They also got a freshly squeezed lemonade (which Mike got the benefits for) and I think we took a cookie for dessert.

Mike got a pasta, which was surprisingly good. Their quality has gotten better since we went there previously.

As I was lining up for the girls' chicken tenders, people were getting these giant burgers left, right and centre, so I decided to get one too. It was huge and pretty tasty.

After avoiding Marche for awhile, I think it's okay to go back now.


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