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Hello Fresh Crispy Chicken Katsu

Posted: 04/15/18

Hello Fresh Crispy Chicken Katsu

Restaurant: Hello_Fresh

Nelson @HelloFreshCA: Part of the fun of these meal kits is learning new techniques. I use panko, but usually for baking. This recipe for crispy chicken katsu with wasabi mayo and honey sesame sweet potatoes called for a panko breading and then pan frying it. And it surprisingly turned out really crispy! You use low heat throughout and that seems to be the key. Another technique I learned was using mayo as the binding agent between meat and breading. This is definitely more convenient than using egg. Easier to apply, the cleanup is easier and cheaper too!
I'm Asian, yet never have I had rice mixed with just rice. It wasn't that much of an improvement that I would do it myself going forward. Also, sweet potatoes with soy sauce and honey is definitely not an Asian thing. A bit excessive in my opinion. Oh well, this is what white people think Asian food is. But overall, this was a good kit and I can see myself making this breaded chicken again.


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