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Imperial Buffet (2 of 2)

Posted: 04/11/18

Imperial Buffet (2 of 2)

Restaurant: Imperial_Buffet Mississauga

Nelson: Here is my second post about Imperial Buffet. I put this picture first cause it's the most interesting. Everyone likes a chocolate fountain, right?
Here are a selection of breads. I can't imagine why you would eat any of this.
They had sushi. Well a variety of rolls. Weird ones too. Weirdly coloured ones. It was very sketchy.
Some more atypical rolls.
I suppose for the most part they avoid raw fish. Too expensive is my guess.
Here are the cold crab legs again. With olives and fruit.
More fruit. I like having so many fruit options, especially when compared to some Western buffets that don't have as good of a spread.
Crepe station!
Some baked goods.
Even more baked goods.
Refrigerated baked good, jellos and pudding. So much choice!
Even more baked goods, mostly cakes in this pic.
Even more fruit choices.
Here are my "appetizer" plates. Lot's of seafood. Note the cold crab legs which were...
...not as good as the hot crab legs. I also snapped some lobster, but I was picking through the leftovers. The crab claw was gross, there was so much filler and batter and very little seafood.
Ok, back to more desserts. They must have massive food waste.
Cookies, fudge. I took one of these almond cookies on my way out.
That is one huge lobster claw! I also got some tail pieces. I for some reason tried the sushi. It was like day end food court sushi - not good.
Here is a more normal food plate. Lot's of meat though. The sesame chicken and szechuan chicken were better than expected.
More items to try. The grill items were underwhelming. Usually that is a strength for buffets.
The ladies made a dessert for their mom's birthday.
Lastly, some dessert selections.

A huge amount of variety, but the quality is hit or miss. The lobster and crab on offer is plentiful and quite good. Definitely a highlight.

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