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Imperial Buffet (1 of 2)

Posted: 04/09/18

Imperial Buffet (1 of 2)

Restaurant: Imperial_Buffet Mississauga

Nelson: Imperial Buffet has improved from what I remembered in the past. They have almost everything you can think of. Some of it not so good, but some is quite good. In the quite good category is maggi huge lobster. I think some of these are at least 3 pounds, so none of that small lobster filler. It is actually large lobsters cooked deliciously. Everyone wanted it and it went very quickly.
From the brill is ribs, chicken, sausage, scallop and a roast beef.
Also from the grill/bbq are beef ribs, shrimp balls, roast pork, etc.
Steam snow crab legs. You'll see they have more than one style of snow crab legs. Fried clams and deep fried fish as well.
Frie drice, yam tempura, mashed potato, chicken.
Corn, which was surprisingly sweet. shrimp, veggies, white rice.
Ribs and fish fillets.
Deep fried shrimp rolls, french fries, fried rice.
Fried noodles, mushrooms, sweet and sour chicken (or pork?) and szechuan chicken (really good).
More fried rice and noodles, casue you can never have enough. Some pies filled with ??
Cold salads. Lot's of selection, but looked barely touched.
More cold salads, also barely touched except for the smoked salmon.
Other side of cold salads, once again barely touched.
Actually lettuce salads. Barely touched yet again.
Cold seafood. Wasn't that good.
Shrimp and Taro chips. I would have loved this as a teenager.
Blue crabs and cold snow crab legs. The hot version was a lot better.
Raw scallops, oysters and snails. The scallops were good, but not so much the oyster. The oyster is meaty type that you always get at Chinese places, but I don't like them raw.
Onion rings, green beans, some cheesy seafood thing, beef and onions.
Eggplant, bbq pork, pizza, nuggets. Why not right?
Garlic bread, broccoli, sesame chicken, calamari, sesame salmon.

Tomorrow, I'll post the rest of the food including sushi, desserts and my plates.

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