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Tandoori Meatball Curry with Saag Aloo

Posted: 04/05/18

Tandoori Meatball Curry with Saag Aloo

Restaurant: Hello_Fresh

Nelson @HelloFreshCA: I would like to learn how to cook Indian food. This forces me into a little bit, although I don't know how authentic it is. The main Indian spices used are tandoori masala and a cumin tumeric blend. I use the same cumin/tumeric blend to make some chicken. I will have to learn to use the tandoori masala.
I didn't use all the cilantro. The Chinese butcher knife is a useful tool fo rthis job.
Here are the meatballs being cooked in the tandoori, onion, tomato paste, ginger and coconut milk. Is that it to make something so delcious?
Here is the saag aloo, made up of onions, garlic, bumin/turmeric. Spinach was added at the very end.
Here is the resulting dish! Colourful, full of flavour and very tender. Yum!


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