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BiteMe is back!

Posted: 04/04/18

BiteMe is back!

Restaurant: Barques_Butcher_Bar Toronto

dre: After 11 years of blogging, we took a 3 month sabbatical to take a break, unwind, and eat more! We got together in March to go the Barque's. We originally wanted to go to the Smokehouse, but they were full. So instead, we tried out the Butcher Bar, which is a couple doors down still on Roncesvalles. They double as a butcher during the day and restaurant by night, and serve a similar menu. They are really kid-friendly too, offering crayons and playdoh for your kiddies to entertain themselves.

We opted to order a la carte. The meats we got were beef brisket, pulled pork, 1/2 rack ribs with 'bama sauce, and 1/2 rack ribs with sweet southern sriracha sauce, 2 order of wings with Buffalo BBQ sauce and 299 dry rub on them. The sides we ordered were fresh cut fries, Brussel sprouts, and a coleslaw.

All the meats were very good. Last time we came here, our favourite was the beef brisket. It didn't disappoint. The girls loved the pulled pork as it had a sweet taste from the sauce. They also enjoyed the 299 rub chicken wings. I liked the ribs and both of the sauces. The sriracha one was spicy, but not kill-your-taste-buds spicy.

The sides were okay. The brussel sprouts were sour, I think due to the lemony seasoning. These are no longer on the April menu, so I hope they tweak their recipe. The coleslaw was nothing special, but the fries were very yummy.

This is still my favourite BBQ place to go to. There's lots of parking on the side streets, and next time we'll visit High Park before coming here to eat!

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