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Hello Fresh 5 Spice Chicken Soup

Posted: 12/28/17

Hello Fresh 5 Spice Chicken Soup

Restaurant: HelloFresh

Nelson @HelloFreshCA: We normally avoid the "Asian" dish every week, but this time, we forgot to pick our desired dishes and this one came by default. I have most of these Chinese ingredients, but surprisingly, I don't use 5 spice powder. I should probably get some as I would likely use it. It does lend a very Asian flavour to any dish that is unmistakable. I also don't regularly use cinnamon, but again I should. The soup contain all the ingredients, except for the chicken which was cooked on the stovetop. I have never cooked as many whole meats in the pan as I have with Hello Fresh. Anyway, the chicken turned out delicious. Juicy and flavourful. But I didn't like the rest of the dish as much. Maybe the small amount of cilantro I put in was too much or the fact that I'm not a big fan of Udon noodles. Anyway, even though the chicken thighs were good, we generally avoided the Asian dish as it felt too familiar and easy to make.


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