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Hello Fresh Zesty Cod en Papillote

Posted: 12/27/17

Hello Fresh Zesty Cod en Papillote

Restaurant: Hello_Fresh

Nelson @HelloFreshCA: I had to go out to buy parchment paper specifically for this recipe. As you can tell, I have never used parchment paper to make anything, let alone fish. These are the wrapped up fish about to go into the oven. Raw, the fish looks good already with the orange zest and red pepper chopped up. Once again I learned the value of citrus zest. It brings an amazing amount of flavour to the dish. The toasted Moroccan couscous was also delicious and went well with the meal. Did the parchment paper add a lot? I'm not sure. Maybe it ensures that the fish doesn't dry out? Otherwise I couldn't tell much difference from just baking the fish. It was delicious though.


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