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Homemade Pho

Posted: 12/24/17

Homemade Pho

Restaurant: none

Nelson: My sister helped me to make Pho at home. The key is the broth. We used beef bones and cheated with a bought spice packet and then boiled for a long time. Then we used rice noodles at the bottom and layered the other ingredients on top. We had leftover ingredients from hot pot like the thinly sliced beef that we commandeered. The bean sprouts and basil we bought specifically for this.

The result is delicious. The broth is not clear, but the distinctive pho flavour is there. We didn't have all the typically ingredients, but the hot pot beef was good enough. This was delicious and I couldn't believe I was eating pho at home. Even though I took so many shortcuts, it still took some effort while the restaurant sells this bowl for only $7. Still I was quite proud of making pho at home and thoroughly enjoyed eating it.


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