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Hello Fresh Jerk Pork

Posted: 12/18/17

Hello Fresh Jerk Pork

Restaurant: Hello_Fresh

Nelson @HelloFreshCA: The following week starts with Jerk Pork with coconut tomato rice and beans. Prechopped onions are nice. This recipe had me cooking coconut/black bean rice on the stovetop, which I have never done before. I screwed it up though by taking the lid off. The results were a little hard. The whole thyme didn't flavour the rice as much as I would have expected.

For the pork, I found the jerk flavour insanely sweet. So much so that there was hardly any jerk flavour. I put in the whole spice packet, so it was spicy enough. The pork was slightly burnt as I guess I"m not used to such dry cooking in a pan. Maybe I didn't use enough oil.

Maybe because I screwed up the cooking recipe, but this one wasn't that good. I love jerk, and I wished it had more jerk flavour.


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