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Hello Fresh Lemony Chicken Salad

Posted: 12/16/17

Hello Fresh Lemony Chicken Salad

Restaurant: Hello_Fresh

Nelson @HelloFreshCA: I actually like eating salads for a meal, even for dinner. Kitty doesn't. If making a salad a meal, I'll add lots of ingredients, which usually include a meat, nut and fruit. I guess Hello Fresh thinks the same, but they take the extra step and add potato!

If anything this dish could have used more spinach. Once again, using the zest is a great technique that brings the lemon flavour to the forefront. The pear was still hard, which is what is needed for this dish. I almost subbed in my own too ripe pear and that would have been a mistake. But it would have been nice if it was a little sweeter to balance the tartness of everything else. Goat cheese, walnuts, honey, chicken breast, whole grain mustard and ground ginger rounds out the salad. Surprisingly, I really liked the potato in the salad. Not something I would usually add myself, but it's a good idea.


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