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Hello Fresh Moroccan Salmon

Posted: 12/12/17

Hello Fresh Moroccan Salmon

Restaurant: Hello_Fresh

Nelson @HelloFreshCA: We got as a Christmas gift this meal making service. Hello Fresh let's you select 3 or the 4 weekly recipes and ships you all the ingredients at the beginning of the week. Just follow the recipe and you have yourself a meal.

The box is well designed

It is a refrigerated box with ice inside. Plus the all the pre-portioned (and cut) ingredients plus the recipe card.
This first meal is the Moroccan-Spiced Salmon with tomato and caramelized onion couscous.Everything is portioned and the onions are even precut! We did end up with a little too much mint though and herbs are expensive too.
Here is me burning the onions. I actually followed the instructions for timing and this is what I get. I also learned about using lemon zest. It really concentrates the lemon flavour! I will be using this technique from now on!
This Moroccan-Spiced Salmon recipe included a thick sauce that went on top of the responsibly sourced salmon. I really respect them for going for this more expensive fish. Even I have started to shop at Whole Foods more for fish.
This is the end result. The couscous was delicious! It was tangy, sweet and smokey (from the burned onions). The pomegranate adds juicy moisture bombs that were surprisingly sweet. The mint, lemon zest and lemon made it taste so fresh. Would definitely make this again.

The salmon spices were good. It was a bit sweet with a bit of spicy kick to it. Great start, I was impressed with the first meal!


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