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Buddhist Vegetarian Meal 2 - The

Posted: 03/27/08

Buddhist Vegetarian Meal 2 - The "Meats"

Restaurant: Hong_Kong

Nelson @ Buddhist Monastery: These are the imitation meat dishes. The top one is "sweet and sour pork", where the pork is actually a chewy tofu. Next is the popular dimsum dish "woo kuk", but a gigantic version of it. It is usually made of pork and shiitake, but surprisingly it still tasted like it had pork in it. Next is "Chicken with Vegetables" with a tougher, wetter tofu variant substituting for chicken, that surprisingly replicates the texture/taste of chicken. Last is a dish that I think is trying to imitate BBQ chicken or duck. This meal was one of the best meals I had in Hong Kong despite having no meat whatsoever. Who would have thought!


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  • I once went to a vegetarian restaurant by Market Village, and I can't say that i enjoyed it that much. Was there a lot of msg? Did you try fake shrimp? I gagged when I bit into fake shrimp cuz the texture was so disgustingly soggy.
    dre @ 2008-03-27
  • No, there was no fake shrimp that I was aware of. Also, I didn't taste very much MSG, but there was a lot of oil.
    Nelson @ 2008-03-27
  • hwy 7 and commerce (across from commerce plaza) -- Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant -- amazing place
    Jen @ 2008-03-27

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