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Song Cook's

Posted: 12/08/17

Song Cook's

Restaurant: Richmond_Hill Song_Cooks

Nelson @SongCooks: My favourite Korean restaurant, Song Cook's, this time unfortunately all my pictures are blurry. Except for this one. While technically not a Korean dish, tonkatsu is delicious anytime. This one is not the absolute best, but it's still very good and even comes out on a metal grill to maintain crispiness!
Seafood pancake. Deliciousness in pie shape.
Pork bone soup. Hard to share, but fun to chew on this massive piece of bone looking for the tender meat. This warms you right up in the winter.
Dolsot bibimbap. Always looks so beautiful....right before you mashed it all up.
JaJangMyun. Black bean noodles. Always a very strong tasting dish, but that's also probably why it's so popular. Fresh noodles that go with the sauce makes this dish stand out.

(Programming note, these are the very last pictures taken with my trusty Sony RX100. My kid broke it twice. I stopped carrying a P+S camera and will rely instead on my camera phone and my DSLR) Song Cook's Authentic Korean Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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