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Ajisen Ramen

Posted: 12/04/17

Ajisen Ramen

Restaurant: Ajisen North_York

Nelson: For some reason I'm not a fan of Ajisen Ramen. I think it's partly because I find the noodle portion too small so I always leave unsatisfied. Anyway, this time I tried Tom Yum steak teppanyaki ramen ($12.99). It did taste like the thai soup, which meant it was really flavourful and spicy too. Pretty good. Again, could use a little more noodle.
Here is the steak that went with it. Surprisingly quite good. Not overcooked and seasoned well. Not even that chewy! Pretty impressed.
Kitty had the classic Ajisen Ramen ($8.99). This is the one that I'm not that impressed with. They are supposed to be famous for their white pork bone soup base, but I just don't think it's that special.
I made a discovery that has improved my outlook on Ajisen Ramen. They have at each table a jar of fried garlic powder. This stuff is so delicious, I feel like I could shake this directly into my mouth. Love it. And now the ramen here is greatly improved!

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