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Harvey Build a Bowl

Posted: 11/30/17

Harvey Build a Bowl

Restaurant: Harveys

Nelson @HarveysCanada: Build a bowl from your burger sounds like a good idea. They get you to pick a base of either rice, salad or fries (I picked fries), then meat, either cut up chicken or burger and then all the toppings. They even extended the topping choices for the bowls and now have things like corn & black bean, croutons, crispy noodles and shredded cheese. I didn't end up liking it too much though. Maybe it was because I picked fries as a base. Maybe I didn't get enough sauce. Maybe the ingredients weren't good enough to stand on their own. For whatever reason I liked the concept but the execution didn't click for me. Maybe if I picked rice as a base I would like it more. But I haven't tried it again after the introductory promotion period. But at least we get more topping choices!


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