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Uncle Bob's Country Buffet (2 of 2)

Posted: 11/22/17

Uncle Bob's Country Buffet (2 of 2)

Restaurant: Brampton Uncle_Bobs_Country_Buffet

Nelson: AYCE Icee! Sounds like a good idea, right? Well turns out I don't like it very much. Maybe my tastes have changed, but this didn't do it for me. Otherwise all you can drink pop.
Ok, I wasn't quite finished with the mains. These are made to order grilled steaks. This steak was not good at all. First, it was cooked too rare and then second the quality of meat wasn't very good. Boo.
Here is a sample plate. Yes, lots of meat.
Ok, now we can start the desserts. Steamed chocolate sponge pudding, apple crumble, rice pudding, vanilla custard, sticky tofee pudding. Good selection.
Some assorted tarts, cookies and cakes.
This is the saddest fruit platter I have ever seen at a buffet. Wasn't fresh nor ripe. Does this play into the stereotype of white people not liking fruit but liking their carby desserts?
Cookies and cake.
Cupcakes and muffins. Looks like the store bought ones.
More pudding, this time cold! Never seen so much pudding!
Cotton Candy! This is cool.
Soft serve ice cream.
Tiny Tim Donuts knockoff. That is also cool. They had the toppings too. They were deliciously sweet.
Sampling of one of my dessert plates. I must say the desserts were much better than the main courses. It makes it part way redeemable, but not enough for me personally. Like mentioned before all the food is done mediocre. I probably wouldn't come back.


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