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Sushi Kaji Sushi

Posted: 11/07/17

Sushi Kaji Sushi

Restaurant: Sushi_Kaji Toronto

dre: The sushi came so fast, it was hard to take pictures, make notes and eat at the same time! This is where I started to take notes because the type of sushi served was not on the menu.

The first was shrimp was BC. Some of these sushi had wasabi hiding in the middle which made it a pleasant surprise.

Sea Urchin
Octopus from Morocco, I believe.
Scallop from Hokkaido. This was a huge scallop. I liked it a lot.
Flounder, also from Hokkaido. I made a note for Mackerel, but I can't seem to find the picture.
Smoked Trout with eggs
Red tuna. I liked this one.
Toro. I liked this one too!
Unagi wrapped in a leaf. Mike liked this one because the unagi didn't taste like fish.
The desserts were Cream Brule
A pear Sorbet, I believe.
And ice cream with red bean and fresh fruit.

I hope as non-sashimi lovers, we fared okay. I know we definitely didn't appreciate the meal as sashimi eaters, but I really appreciate the freshness and texture of the entire meal. There are so many creative ways food can be done and it's all very exciting!

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