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Sushi Kaji

Posted: 11/05/17

Sushi Kaji

Restaurant: Sushi_Kaji Toronto

dre: We got the privilege of dining at Sushi Kaji for a friend's birthday. The tasting menu we enjoyed was the Takumi, with the addition of Wagyu steak. The setting was simple and neat. My memory is not that good because this meal happened back in September, and I didn't take very good notes. But please do enjoy the art of the dishes!
We had a Daiginjo sake, which has a fruitier taste and went down very smoothly.
You can sit right at the bar where you can see the chef in action, but we were located at a table of the small restaurant because there was 6 of us.
We started with the Wagyu with Mashed Potatoes Croquette. It was a great start as the bite was very flavourful and full of different textures.
This was the Sweet Shrimp Salad. The shrimp was cut into 3 pieces and dressed with different items with a sweet mayo sauce.
The sashimi (which I don't even know which sashimi it was) was served with a seaweed salad. I can't remember what the bowl on the left is.
Close up of the sashimi. I remember liking the big pieces at the back and not so much the pieces on the right side. I ate every bite though, and appreciated the quality of the sashimi even though I don't normally eat it.
This was the sauteed Ayu fish with Risotto. The skin was crispy. The risotto was really good even with the small portion.
This was probably my favourite dish - Sea Eel and Maitake Mushroom Tempura. The batter combination was so good. The mushroom was really really tasty. The pieces of eel were very generous.
The Wagyu Steak! I've never had Wagyu beef before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. This beef was very tender and tasted very fatty, probably a little too rich for me! Again, I really appreciated where the meat came from and the process of Wagyu-ing.

Next are the sushi dishes and dessert!

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