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Monga Taiwanese Fried Chicken

Posted: 10/26/17

Monga Taiwanese Fried Chicken

Restaurant: Monga Toronto

dre: I don't think I've ever had Taiwanese fried chicken before. My coworker who sits next to me is Taiwanese, so she suggested that place when I wanted to go get a snack.

Monga has been opened for a couple of months and when I stepped in, all I smelled was deep-fried oily goodness. If you hang out here too long, you will smell like a deep fryer.

I got the chicken nuggets, which was appropriate for a snack. Otherwise, I would have gotten a quarter or half chicken. I didn't eat it right away, but walked back to the office. It was SO JUICY. Every bite was deliciousness! I enjoyed this snack very very much.


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