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Zizi Trattoria

Posted: 10/25/17

Zizi Trattoria

Restaurant: Woodbridge Zizi_Trattoria

Nelson: ZiZi feels like an old school Italian restaurant. The low lighting (making pictures difficult) sets the mood along with a menu that could have been from another age.

We start with the bread service. We asked for more since Andy liked it, but didn't end up eating much more of it.

Calamari Fritti ($12.95) is tender calamari deep fried and coated with their own seasoned batter with tzatziki sauce. It was a great starter because of the nice batter and a good job deep frying what turned out to be tender calamari. The tzatziki sauce was a little strange for an Italian restaurant, but oh well.
Kitty had the veal marsala ($19.95) described as tender scallopinin in a marsala wine sauce with mushrooms. Sorry for the bad pictures. My "low light" pictures turned out to be unusable, so at least I took some "flash" photos as well. The veal was excellent and the flavour in the sauce was delicious.
I tried the Fettucine al Salmone $17.95) with smoked salmon served in a delightful rose sauce. Unfortunately the dish was on the salty side even if there wasn't that much actual salmon meat. The flavours were quite strong with a rich cream based sauce. The pasta was cooked well at least. Overall I didn't like this dish that much even though I thought it had potential when I ordered this unique sounding dish.

An alright Italian restaurant, I'm surprised there aren't more in Woodbridge. Maybe the problem is I haven't tried them yet.

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