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Nak Won Korean Restaurant

Posted: 10/15/17

Nak Won Korean Restaurant

Restaurant: Nak_Won North_York

Nelson: Another Korean restaurant and we ordered these dishes partly because the weather outside was getting cooler. Here are the banchan at Nak Won, including peanuts, kimchi, seaweed, fish cake, japchae, pickled veggies, bean sprouts. Lot's of variety, colour and tastes which is great.
Dduk boki is rice cake with sweet and spicy sauce ($11.99). Good texture on these rice cakes with that distinctive sweet and spicy Korean flavour.
Tong Kalbi Jungsik - BBQ beef ribs on hot plate ($29.99). Why is Korean meat so expensive? At least it tastes really really good. This particular one was a tad chewy but the flavours were great.
Dukmandoogook ($10.99) - dumpling soup with slice rice cake. These dumpling's filling was good. The vermicelli and rice cakes in the soup was nice too. A very warming dish.
Dolsot Bibimbap ($10.99) - Had a nice crunchy bottom that you can't see from this picture.
Samgyetang ($11.99 for half chicken) - small chicken stuffed with glutinous rice, young ginseng shoots and jujubes then boiled in a clear stock and served in an individual earthenware pot. Trying a new dish, especially one that sounds like it would warm you up. The chicken was a bit plain and there wasn't very much glutinous rice.
Haemool Pah Jun which is Korean style pancake with seafood. The squid was especially tender.
Godeunguh gooy and soft tofu stew ($13.99) - This broiled mackerel was good but quite salty.
The second half of this dish is the soft tofu stew and although it looks really red, it wasn't very spicy at all. It was nicely warming though. Yes, I hate the cold. This restaurant does a good job of keeping you warm, but it also had no fans, so I smelled like bbq beef afterwards.

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