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Maxim Palace Land Dishes

Posted: 03/15/08

Maxim Palace Land Dishes

Restaurant: Hong_Kong

Nelson @ Maxim's Palace: We kept on going back to this restaurant, because the more you went, the more stamps you could collect towards some shark fin soup. This time we didn't have as much seafood. The first dish is tofu with meat inside, and garnished with dried scallops. It seemed like so many dishes had dried scallap added to it in HK. It was certainly prevalent in the numerous dried food stores throughout Hong Kong.

The 2nd dish is ground pork with a chinese vegetable. Apparantly this vegetable has the property of increasing the liklihod of muscle spasms. I didn't experience it personally, so I'll have to take their word for it.

The last dish is a duck dish with peanuts underneath. Nice and fatty protein.


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