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Bliss Dim Sum

Posted: 10/07/17

Bliss Dim Sum

Restaurant: Bliss_Chinese_Cuisine Mississauga

Nelson: This is a large popular Chinese place in Mississauga that I hadn't been to. It's on the North west part of Mississauga, so it is popular with the Brampton folk.

These were the most interesting dish visually. Mostly shrimp inside, the crunch of the deep fried noodle bit was delicious. How do they preserve the long strands?

The following are pics of the more typical foods. I don't have much to say about them unfortunately.

Siu Mai. With fake crab!
Big dumplings.
Turnip Cake.
Shrimp in rice roll.
BBQ pork bun.
Vegetarian tofu skin roll.
Sticky rice.
Transparent dumpling
Fried rice in a pyramid. Fancy!
Different type of thick dumpling.
Dough Fritter in Rice Roll. Small portion here.
XO sauce rice roll. Haven't had this one before. A bit spicy too. I liked it!
Not sure if this is from the regular part of the dim sum menu. This was brisket. It was tender.
Last is dessert which actually came out first.

Perfectly serviceable Chinese restaurant, Nothing special either. Only the first pictured dish was somewhat more interesting than other restaurants. At least with the large dining room you are more likely to be seated quickly. Feels like the type of restaurant where I'd only go to if it was the closest to me and I was wanting some Dim Sum.

Bliss Chinese Cuisine Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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