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Posted: 10/12/17


Restaurant: Nutbar Toronto

dre @nutbarco: We had a team "breakfast" at Nutbar, a superfood snack cafe located near Yonge and Summerhill. Superfood is an understatement. I feel that "Hyperfood" is better description. Everything here was super healthy. They had these healthy energy balls ($3)- supersuperfood (which I called the green balls), key lime pie, cookie dough, and chocolate. The balls were made with nuts and grains and fruits that I don't normally ever eat.

They also had protein bars with similar ingredients.

I tried the "green" supersuperfood ball with a nutbar drip coffee - made with their nutbar steamed nutmilk. Their nutmilk is made with a blend of cashew, almond, and coconut milks. My ball was filled with spirulina (a dietary supplement), golden berries, bee pollen, chia seeds, hemp seeds, cayenne, gogi berries, lemon zest, cashews, almonds, sea salt, and dates.

The supersuperfood ball was surprisingly supersupergood. It wasn't too sweet and I liked the touches of spice of the cayenne. The coffee was interesting. The nutmilk was creamy, and very flavourful. But the coffee itself tasted too acidic for me.

It was a cute little place that could be easily missed as you have to go down some stairs, so not on eye-level when you're on the street.


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