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Lazy Afternoon Day

Posted: 10/04/17

Lazy Afternoon Day

Restaurant: none

dre: We went to our friend's place in Hamilton to hang out in their pool. The pool was so warm, that K and their son basically stayed in there for hours, even munching on dinner pool-side.

Our friends had gone up to Manitoulin Island the week before and caught some fish, which they froze. They defrosted one of them, I believe the trout, and put it on the barbecue. I tried some - it was bony, but quite tasty.

We brought over some leftover pork roast that we had made the night before and some buns, and our friend turned it into Banh Mi's. So creative! With the right ingredients, it was quite easy. All you need is cilantro, pickled carrots (or regular would suffice) and some sort of mayo. It was delicious!

Also, they were so thoughtful and got cupcakes for dessert to celebrate Lauren's birthday. These were from Fortino's and they had lots of variety.


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