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Birthday Fun at McDonald's

Posted: 09/20/17

Birthday Fun at McDonald's

Restaurant: McDonalds

dre: The other day was a Cheeseburger birthday celebration at McDonald's. Since I don't like cheeseburgers, I didn't get one. However, today's post celebrated 2 other birthdays. THe top picture of the chicken guacamole jalapeno sandwich was from a visit to McDonald's after a morning hike on Mike's birthday. He said the sandwich was pretty good, and since then he's had another one (but the grilled chicken version.)

The bottom picture is from the day when McDonald's was celebrating the birthday of the hamburger! I bought 6 hamburgers that day for $0.67 each. I ate 1, gave 2 to a coworker, and brought 3 home. The girls really enjoyed them and both fought for the piece with the pickle!


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