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Mosaic Mediterranean Grill

Posted: 09/14/17

Mosaic Mediterranean Grill

Restaurant: Brampton Mosaic_Mediterranean_Grill

dre: I was looking online, and saw that Mosaic Mediterranean Grill had changed owners and the food wasn't as good. I remember avoiding coming here for awhile because I thought while the food was really tasty, the price was very high. I can go down the street to Osmow's and get the same thing for almost half the price. My parents wanted to come here, so we gave it a go.

We ordered a platter that came with some appetizers. Falafels were good. The kids liked them too, probably because they were fried.

Another appetizer was a Greek salad. The salad was half eaten before I got a chance to take a picture. I didn't try it because I don't like Feta cheese and it was all over the salad.
Another appetizer was baba ghanoush. I couldn't taste the difference between that and hummus. I think baba ghanoush has eggplant in it. Lauren liked dipping this one.
We ordered a meat platter that consists of Chicken and Kafta Kebab. We liked the chicken better as it was very juicy. The Kafta Kebab was a little gamey.
Chicken on the rice - very similar to Osmow's chicken on the rocks with its sweet mayo-like sauce. It was very tasty, but knowing how unhealthy it is, made me curb how much of it I ate.
Obligatory rice and potatoes were good, but I've had better potatoes from other Greek restaurants. All-in-all, the food wasn't bad and they have lowered their prices. What they are missing were those fresh cut fries that we had the first time we ever came here. Looking at other customer's fries, they look like generic-from-frozen fries, which isn't anything special.

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