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Montana's Kid's Eat Free on Tuesdays

Posted: 09/11/17

Montana's Kid's Eat Free on Tuesdays

Restaurant: Brampton Montanas

dre: The great thing about Montana's is that kids eat free on Tuesdays! We came here for Lauren's birthday dinner with our parents, and we didn't even have to tell them that it was her birthday to get a free meal because we went on a Tuesday! It was a great meal that started with nachos. I remember eating this whole plate as an entree back in the day (high school/university) without feeling guilty. The middle-ageness in me now cringe at eating the entire thing by myself.

Kristen picked ribs as her meal and Lauren picked chicken tenders as hers. I picked their sides of fries and cucumbers.

I got the chicken and waffle sandwich. I really really love this sandwich. The waffle is so good and the deep fried chicken is delicious and goes well with the waffle.

Mike got a beef dip sandwich. Actually, we split both our sandwiches and ate half of each. Yum yum yummy... I love Montana's!


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