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Japanese Kit Kat

Posted: 09/09/17

Japanese Kit Kat

Restaurant: none

Nelson: Victor brought these back from Japan. There are a ton of Kit Kat flavours in Japan. I think different regions specialize in different ones and at places you can buy all the different variety together. You get some funky flavours. I can't read Japanese, but I'll try from the top left going clockwise: almond, grape, creme brulee, cheesecake, wasabi, black tea, strawberry and taro. The most unique one is wasabi and tea since they aren't traditionally associated with dessert flavours. I didn't particularly like them too much either. Some of the other ones aren't that great. I think I liked the taro the best, but that's because I generally like taro, so perhaps I'm not a good judge. Luckily there are so many flavours, you can find one you like!


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