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Christmas Market Food

Posted: 08/31/17

Christmas Market Food

Restaurant: none

Nelson @TOXmasMkt @DistilleryTO: After some indecision, I settled on buying a schnitzel. This was "only" $9 and I thought was a good deal relative to everything else on offer. It was nicely fried with lots of peppers and onions in a pretzel bun.
We also got this poutine for $8. It was also very good with a flavourful gravy, salty fries and lots of curds. There is a big difference between a good and bad poutine.
We also had a turkey leg ($15). This was nicely smoked, but these are hard to share!

I had a great time, but what made it even better was finding the free booze corner. There were three booths next to each other hidden away where they were giving away free booze samples. Free samples of Amarula, Calvados Boulard and something else that I didn't capture. It was the best.


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