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Posted: 08/12/17


Restaurant: none

Nelson: Israelis will tell you about a great snack for kids called Bamba. Their mascot is a baby and it is common to feed babies this snack. I would describe it as a cheese puff without the cheese but with peanut butter. It has been credited (not sure if scientifically) for making peanut allergies in Israel practically non-existent. The theory is that babies would be exposed to peanuts at an early age and not become allergic. I would like to see a scientific experiment confirming this though, perhaps among Israeli's not in Israel who have easy access to Bamba.

Anyway, a coworker gave me a bag and it came in handy as we were at a wedding without snacks. Andy loved it and we were able to keep him happy thankfully. I'm not sure if it's a good idea to regularly give these to kids because it's junk food high in fat (and salt?) but once in a while seems fine to me. Even though I don't have nostalgia for them, I do like them independently as a snack myself. They are delicious!


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