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Caf Breakfasts

Posted: 08/11/17

Caf Breakfasts

Restaurant: Southside_Bettys Toronto

dre: During the last days in the office, I made sure to indulge in the cheap breakfasts before I left. The couple of pictures featured what I had:

1) For Canada 150, they served pancakes with some apple butter and chutney. The pancakes were soooo good and everyone wanted the caf to add it to their regular menu.

2) This is the usual big breakfast - 2 eggs, meat, toast and potatoes. I love their potatoes.

3) Omelet - I usually ask for all the veggies.

4) I love their potatoes so much, one morning, I just got the potatoes. They use a cajun spice which makes it so good. I'm going to try it at home to see if I can replicate it.


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