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Dumpling Night

Posted: 08/02/17

Dumpling Night

Restaurant: none

Nelson: Had Dre over for dinner and even though she already blogged about this I'll talk more about making these dishes.

This is the Shanghai Braised (hong shao) pork hock. A big hunk of meat that is cooked for a long time until tender, all the while taking on the flavours of soy sauce, rock sugar and star anise. And of course the green onion you see on top.

This is marinating some fried chicken, spiced with sichaun peppers.
Here is the filling for dumplings. I cheated and asked my mom to help me make this. I have always made the dumplings, but never made the filling by myself. Now I know I suppose.
Our folded dumplings! We definitely improved as we practiced more. I use the premade skins for convenience.
Here is the pork hock when it has been reduced. I throw in some hardboiled eggs and they take up the flavour as well.
For the fried chicken I first steam the chicken to make it juicy and take on the flavour of the sichaun peppercorns. Then I deep fry the chicken. It is some seriously tasty chicken.
Here is the plated pork hock.
An easy vegetable to make is cucumber with garlic, sesame oil, vinegar, sugar and a bit of salt. Goes well with dumplings.
Pot stickers are my favourite way to cook dumplings.Got a little burnt in the middle unfortunately.
Our wrapping skills aren't very good so a bunch fell apart when boiled. Still tasted good though!

Although a lot of prep, it was a good meal with good friends!


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  • Hahahahaha! The broken dumplings were wrapped by Mike and me!
    dre @ 2017-08-02

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