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Pickle Barrel before vacation

Posted: 07/22/17

Pickle Barrel before vacation

Restaurant: Brampton Pickle_Barrel

dre: I had missed posting this picture, but for some reason, I found it in a stash of pictures on a USB key. We had this meal back in March before we went to Florida, and I've definitely posted pictures from after that point. Anyway, this is not important and I will get on to the food!

I had the Jojo's Caribbean Shrimp - Jumbo shrimps marinated in our secret jerk seasoning, sautéed with onions and bell peppers, topped with fresh mango chutney, served on a mound of rice and beans. It sounded good on paper. The dish was semi-spicy, but not too bad. The shrimps were jumbo-ish in size. The rice was okay, not the best and a bit undercooked for my liking.

Mike had the Shitake Mushroom and Chicken Penne. It was very tasty and a good-sized portion.

The girls had their usual - the eggs and bacon kid's meal.

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