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Typhoon Shelter Lobster

Posted: 07/17/17

Typhoon Shelter Lobster

Restaurant: Fishman_Lobster_Clubhouse_Restaurant Scarborough

Nelson: Toronto's Legendary Typhoon Shelter Lobster at Fishman's Lobster Clubhouse to me is only for special occasions. And bringing out of towners to. My aunt saw this restaurant featured in a TV program and wanted to come here specifically for this restaurant and I was happy to oblige. I like how they bring the lobster to your table before cooking it, so you can appreciate the sheer size of the beast you are about to consume. They also do this to upsell you on the weight of the lobster. We had an 11 pound monster.
The veggies came out first and they are the relatively expensive dou miao. Nice presentation.
Here is the tower of lobster. Hong Kong Typhoon Shelter style, they batter and deep fry the huge chunks of lobsters and include deep fried tiny fish that almost act like extra flavouring. The sheer enjoyment from eating lobster so big that it isn't a struggle to deshell eat can not be described. The flavour is salty and garlicy, but the distinct feel of the lobster flesh is ever present, just in super size. So good, some of the best food I've ever had.
Steamed fish was good, but a bit small. Interesting way to serve it and makes for a good photo.
The fried rice was good too with lobster internals mixed in to lend its flavour to the rice.
The leftovers. Look at all those small fried fish at the bottom! We took these home and cooked with them. Their saltiness lent the soup my mom made and rice I topped with absolutely delicious.
Dessert was cashew soup. It had a unique distinct taste that retained the natural flavours of cashew as it wasn't too sweet. Cool.

I feel kinda bad for eating lobster that is so old, so I try to limit the number of times (this was my second) I viist. But each visit is so memorably delicious that I can't wait until the next visit.

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