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J&P Wedding

Posted: 06/30/17

J&P Wedding

Restaurant: none

dre: J&P had their wedding at Universal Eventspace in Vaughan. It doesn't look that great on the outside, but the inside is quite nice! I took a picture of the cake - inside was strawberry and chocolate layers.
The antipasto car was AMAZING, but I went late so I got slim pickings. The deep-fried fish was very good. There was roast pork (Chinese style) but there was none left when I went to get food though.
Freshly baked bread. So soft and good.
The pastas were cicatelli in a fresh tomato and basil sauce and also shitake mushroom and leek risotto with truffle oil. The risotto was really good and I got seconds!
The main entreƩ was beef tenderloin, grilled tiger shrimp, and market vegetables. The beef was very good, and I was really full...
The kids got chicken fingers and fries. This was an extra dish that was brought out, so it made it to my table and whenever the girls came over, I gave them some food.
Dessert was a trilogy of a giandjua (chocolate) budino, grilled pineapple, and apple crumble.
We stayed late so that we could get some late night poutine! It was a little underwhelming, but it was a really fun wedding with the kids!


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