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Foodie North

Posted: 06/09/17

Foodie North

Restaurant: Foodie_North Mississauga

Nelson: This the first of many posts from this restaurant because my mom bought a discount membership card. We did it for the discount, but maybe we should have tasted the food first.

Anyway, here is vermicelli in sichaun sauce ($7.99 if you are a member, $8.99 if you are not). I didn't like this dish at all, but perhaps that's because I don't like vermicelli.

This is the fanciest spinach I have ever been served. It was good. It had a bit of vinegar flavour and a bit of mala (numbing) spice.
Peking Duck! But first the extra toppings. The normal cucumber and green onion, but also fried onion (a pleasant surprise) and cranberries.Hoisin sauce fundamental.
Broccolli with egg whites. A good "veggie" dish.
They brought out these special pieces of duck skin. Don't know where they are from, but they are crispy and delicate.
There is plenty of meaty duck. They do really good Peking duck here at least. They had a promotion for BOGO free, so that's partly why we bought membership - we knew we were coming back.
They said they didn't have a chef yet to make xiaolongbao, so we got these baozi ($7.99/$8.99)instead. They weren't very good unfortunately.
This is double cooked pork slice with sweet and sour sauce ($11.99/$12.99). It had a bit too much batter, and the sweet sauce had a surprising amount of ginger.
I think this is the second duck course a duck soup. The flavour was really intense with a lot of depth. Surprisingly good.
And the most interesting thing is how they serve the bones. Deep cried with a cumin flavouring. It reminded me of eating deep fried chicken, like a spicy Popeye's.

Overall, some good and some bad. I feel like this is a restaurant straight from mainland China. Anyway, we'll be back!

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  • We keep talking about going to this place because we kept seeing the "opening soon" sign for months. Then we never drove that way anymore so we forgot about it. I didn't know they used a membership model...
    Dre @ 2017-06-11

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