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Happy Birthday, Dad!

Posted: 06/08/17

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Restaurant: Paradise_Fine_Chinese_Dining

dre: For my dad's 70th birthday (!), we invited the family to dinner at Paradise Fine Chinese Dining at Finch and Leslie. My mom ordered a set dinner for the 2 tables, but the "kids" table (ages 40 and under) got a couple of differences more catered to us. The "Little Kids" table (ages 8 and under) got a dish of fried noodles and BBQ pork. We started with a plate of BBQ meat. Yum!
Crab claw. Yum!
I believe this was a seafood dish with vegetables. I liked the thin slices of squid and the crunchy snap peas.
Shark fin soup.
Mushrooms with Abalone.
Fried chicken. The best part of this was...
...The staff gave the "kids" table and the "little kids" table a whole bowl of shrimp chips.
Fried fish instead of steamed fish. I liked the non-breaded version over the breaded version.
Lobster - we tried to eat as much as we could, but was already so stuffed.
Lastly, the rice and noodles! Happy birthday, Dad!!

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