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Cottage BBQ

Posted: 05/30/17

Cottage BBQ

Restaurant: none

Nelson: We rented a chalet at Blue Mountain and the younger generation was in charge of the meals. So for the first night we planned an Asian BBQ.

We start with fish ball skewers. I like the colour the purple onions give. It looks like I didn't burn any!

Satay Chicken. This is Kitty's specialty dish. The flavours are really strong and make this delicious to eat. They do discolour everything it touches, but it's not something a little fire can't fix.
Asparagus. Not quite Asian by any means, but we needed a vegetable. Not a lot of Asian ones to pick from for a BBQ.
Korean Beef Kalbi Ribs. One of my favourites and I will use almost any large gathering as an excuse to make them!
The green onions/onions/mushroom mix used to marinate the beef ribs would be wasted to throw away so I take it and fry it up for some very salty vegetables. It goes great with rice.
Kitty father brought some marinated chicken legs which I grilled up. They were marinated with Asian flavours and turned out good.
For some reason, this (boiled) corn was tremendously sweet. We loved and they went quickly.
Lastly an overhead picture of the food. I think it's a success! Go team!


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