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August 8

Posted: 05/17/17

August 8

Restaurant: August8 Brampton

dre @aug8restaurant: We were very confused when we saw this restaurant take the place of where Spring Rolls used to be at Bramalea City Centre. We thought the new restaurant was opening on August 8th, but then we found out it was the actual name of the restaurant! It didn't make it clearer when it did actually open sometime close to August 8. I think it was either a couple weeks before or after.

It was a couple months later, but we finally tried it out. It's similar to Spring Rolls - AYCE with Japanese and Chinese cuisine. Not as much Thai food as spring rolls, or maybe we never ordered any. We started off with some seaweed and mango salads.

The shrimp tempura was nicely battered.
Cucumber rolls are Kristen's favourite and she finished most of these by herself.
Other vegetable tempura options - mushroom and yams.
Chicken satay skewers.
My dad ordered this eel pizza.
Some of the maki rolls we ordered. They have the standard crispy shrimp ones, and the yellow sauce was mango drizzle on another roll that I can't remember. Stay tuned for part 2!

August8 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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