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Hot Summer, Cold Drinks

Posted: 05/16/17

Hot Summer, Cold Drinks

Restaurant: Cultures DQ Mississauga Orange_Julius

Nelson: Nelson: It was so hot and we were so thirsty we ordered a few drinks. Well if you count ice cream as a drink. We ordered this because we were so hot. This is a salted Caramel truffle Blizzard. And it is thick. How thick?
Well, like they guarantee, you can turn it upside down and it will stick to the cup. It passes! Anyway it was a way too sweet unfortunately, but it did cool us down at least.
This is a green tea matcha yogurt smoothies. Kinda weird combo, right? Well I found it a tad bit too sour, probably as a result of both ingredients contributing a bit of sourness. Probably would not get it again but the rest of the menu looked interesting so I would like to try something else.

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This is a "fruit" smoothie. They have all this fruit out front that makes it look like they use fresh fruit, but when I watched them make it, it doesn't appear that they used fresh fruit and mixed it on the spot. So maybe they used premixed fruit, but it isn't freshly mixed.

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