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Steak and Shake

Posted: 05/11/17

Steak and Shake

Restaurant: Steak_and_Shake

dre: Back on the road heading towards home. Somewhere along the way, we stopped for lunch at Steak 'n Shake. They were featuring their 24 meals for under $4. They also have a kids eat free (with an adult purchase), so we took advantage of that and got the girls some Steakburger minis, which is just smaller burgers with nothing in the burgers.
Mike decided to diverge from the cheap menu and got the Jalapeno Crunch burger. The crunch was from fried onions. The spiciness came from the chipotle mayo and jalapenos in the burger.
I got the Prince of Royale burger, which came with bacon (very little on mine) and eggs. I have a hard time resisting anything with eggs in it.
And because we were at Steak 'n Shake, I got a milkshake to go. I chose the Oreo one and it was very very sweet. Not exactly my favourite... I think I would rather just have ice cream.


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