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MEC Desserts

Posted: 05/10/17

MEC Desserts

Restaurant: Markham MEC

Nelson: Onto the desserts. Buffet style is always nice and they had a large variety.

This mango dessert had a strange texture to it. Not sure what it was, but perhaps it was tuned to Chinese tastes.

This creme brulee tasted like you were eating egg. Fail.
Cupcakes and mini pastries including macarons. By the time I got to the dessert table the macarons were gone. I didn't have room to eat a whole cupcake unfortunately.
These ladyfinger tira misu were not good. Not sure how they can make it unpleasant.
Some more Asian desserts with the goji berries in jelly on the left and a red bean in jelly in the middle. These were ok.
Some cakes. I didn't try any unfortunately.
The highlight was a chocolate fountain! For some reason the chocolate tasted a bit strange, a little off.

In general the quality of the desserts could be better. But then again Chinese people don't really like desserts, so maybe it's just fine.


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