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MEC Mains

Posted: 05/08/17

MEC Mains

Restaurant: Markham MEC

Nelson: MEC mains overall a pretty good, let's find out what they entail. Suckling pig with jellyfish. Always a crowd pleaser.
On the right is the shrimp crab claw, but it was surprisingly eclipsed by the the vegetarian tofu roll on the left. The smokiness of the tofu skin was unreal. I really loved it.
Dried scallop with veggies for that extra luxury.
Shark fin soup. Makes me guilty to see as it makes me think that I had it at my wedding too due to pressure.
Abalone. I liked the presentation of this which sometimes can be difficult.
Lobster! I got some pretty good pieces. Also I like how there were some vegetables too.
This fish is decidedly different from the typical Cantonese steamed fish. This fish has ham, shiitake and vegetables. I love the normal steamed fish, so it's hard for me to say whether this is an upgrade. Especially when the ham tastes better than the fish.
Fried chicken with shrimp chip.
To finish, noodles and fried rice.

Overall, the Chinese food quality is good, especially considering this is a banquet hall. Well a banquet hall that was specifically designed to serve Chinese food. But still, I'm happy they exist.


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