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Busch Garden Barbeque Food

Posted: 04/29/17

Busch Garden Barbeque Food

Restaurant: Busch_Garden Tampa_FL

dre: Theme park food is overpriced, and no different here at Busch Garden. Still, there wasn't much choice, as we didn't pack a picnic lunch. At least we had some snacks to keep us going and sort of managed to avoid the lunch rush. Even after 1:30, the lines were still long, but at least there were tables available to sit.

We got a roasted chicken leg as well as some beef brisket plus French fries as the sides. It was actually quite tasty, and made fresh. I think the turnover rate is quite high, hence the freshly made food.

The girls got a kid's meal of chicken nuggets. Kristen was especially attracted to the bowl of strawberries that it comes with!


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