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Thompson Hotel Wedding Part 1

Posted: 04/18/17

Thompson Hotel Wedding Part 1

Restaurant: Thompson_Hotel Toronto

Nelson: Thompson Hotel has a great view of Toronto from the rooftop, so it's a great venue for a wedding. Good choice V&B! Right after the ceremony we enjoyed the view from the roof and scarfed down some appetizers. These are the crab cakes, more on them later.
These are the spring rolls. They weren't very good unfortunately.
This is a beef skewer and they were pretty tender and tasty.
Inside view of the crab cake were you can see it is stuff with a lot of crab. These were by far the best appetizers. These were spectacular!
I would be remiss if I didn't include a shot of the view. Infinite pool included.
Lastly here is a pic of the wedding cake. Next entry will be of the dinner!


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