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Last Cruise Dinner

Posted: 04/17/17

Last Cruise Dinner

Restaurant: Carnival_Paradise

dre: Our last dinner of the cruise was not particularly memorable, but it was enjoyable. For one thing, they messed up my order and I didn't get the salad I wanted. I ordered a tomato salad, but instead got a Caprese salad which I passed over to Mike.
Mike got a French Onion Soup.
The girls ate the Corneaml Crusted Chicken Breast. They loved this dish as well. Carnival seemed to do the chicken well during our cruise.
I ordered the Tiger Shrimp Creole, which was underwhelming. The rice was not good.
Mike got the Jerk Pork Loin. He said it was really good and the pork was not dry.
Good thing I ordered a "backup" meal of prime rib!
For dessert, Mike order this caramel cake.
The pie of the day was cherry, and I ordered a small one to share with the table.


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