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Maison Du Japon

Posted: 04/08/17

Maison Du Japon

Restaurant: Maison_Du_Japon Markham

Nelson: AYCE is hard to capture. So many pictures to take all throughout the meal. And there is boring stuff too. This picture of Miso soup was so boring that I had to crop it in a somewhat interesting manner for me not to bore myself. How'd I do?

I used to consider Maison Du Japon the standard that other AYCE sushi places had to live up to. But this visit was disapointing for me. Well to start they didn't screw up the miso soup, as that IS standard.

Seaweed salad. This is also standard everywhere.
On the left is the Skyfall roll with sushi shrimp & avocado wrapped and topped with salmon, crab, mayo and spicy sauce. On the right is Kamikaze roll with avocado, crispy and spicy sauce. These were some of their Signature rolls. I didn't think either were very good.
Grilled Salmon Head! A little scary I must say. Kitty's parents ordered this one.
Kalbi had just the right amount of distributed fat so it was delicious.
Tempura, shrimp and vegetables. Not too much batter, which is good.
Garlic beef. It was no good. Not enough garlic and the meat wasn't of good enough quality.
Sashimi. Ok freshness.
Enoki wrapped beef.
Lava Roll. This is hot because it is deep fried cripsy crab meat with spicy sauce on top. This tasted bad :(
Green onio nwrapped in beef.
Crispy Basa, deep fried with speical citrus sesame mayo sauce. It doesn't sound that good, but this was better than I expected. Yes, even with the mayo!
Calamari. Fried quite well here.
On weekends only there is torched sushi of salmon, white fish and mackarel. Pretty good, but then they had to put so much mango sauce on top. Why?
Some more rolls. Notable absent is spider roll which is one of my favourites. On the left is california, middle is spicy salmon and on the right I think is another Skyfall Roll. Maybe it was so good we got another? The spicy salmon was no good though as there was too much rice and the rice was also hard. That's a big sushi no-no.
Dinner only has chili prawn stir fry.
Dinner also has these "UFO Skewer" - deep fry scallop with salmon. I don't like deep fried scallop that much as it overcooks the scallop generally speaking.
Weekends only has ponzu salmon sashimi. Reminds me of Hawaii!
Dessert ice cream. Plus a yogurt.
Lastly a mango pudding and taro mousse.

Overall, a bit inconsistent and the overall quality slightly lower than I remembered. Perhaps newer places have supplanted this old standby.

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